School Theatre Ticket Program

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1. How do I buy my tickets?

Please see the Special Offers section of this website.

2. How or where can I obtain coupons?

Our coupons are available in Tristate area schools, colleges and universities, and some libraries. You may also send a self-addressed stamped envelope to our offices with coupon requests.

3. How can I join your mailing list?

Coupons are not mailed to individuals at home. If you are an educator or director of a school or library that does not receive our coupons please sign up in our JOIN OUR MAILING LIST section of this website.

4. Our school is out of discount coupons. How do we obtain more?

If you require additional coupons please call our office 212-354-4722.

5. I see the show on your website but I cannot find a coupon.
  • The location has distributed all the coupons.
  • They may not have arrived.
  • It is a special online offer only (no coupon will be printed) which will be stated on the fact sheet.
In most cases you can order online or by telephone by clicking 'Special Offers'. Then click the icon of the event you wish to see and follow the ordering instructions. If you need or want a coupon to purchase in person at the box office, please contact our office 212-354-4722 during regular business hours.

6. Can I order the tickets by mail?

Most venues do not accept mail orders.

7. May I print the offer from the School Theatre Ticket Program web site?

Yes, you may print the offer and bring to the Box Office.

8. Do I have to be a student?

No. In almost all instances you do not have to be a student. Unless otherwise stated on the coupon or on the fact sheet.